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Outsource solutions is the answer to your design and development requirements for all applications based on Microsoft Architectures. 
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O utSource Solutions is a company which was formed by a group of people that between them have a vast amount of IT experience.

Past experience has taught us how to avoid many of the pit falls traditionally associated with out sourcing software development to cheaper offshore centers.

Far too often the money that a company saves in development costs is eaten away by reworks, high maintenance costs or in some case complete a rewrite of the application.

First hand experience has taught us that with an off shore development this is usually due to one or more of the following Poor understanding of initial requirements, you may think that you have got a well defined water tight requirement, but really it's all about how the people implementing your requirements interpret them.

To most off shore development centers English is a second language which leads to small misinterpretations of your requirements and so the saying goes "From little Acorns mighty oak trees grow". Hence a small initial misunderstanding can lead to expensive to rectify faults later on in the development life cycle.
OutSource solutions avoids the major pitfalls of traditional outsourcing by splitting the development roles of your project between our dedicated teams based in the UK and Overseas.

The splitting of development tasks between UK and Overseas based personnel is carried out in a way to maximize your savings but minimize the risk of getting a poor quality or unsuitable application at the end.

We carry out the following roles using UK based engineers and managers.
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management System
  • Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Testing
The following roles are carried out by our engineers and mangers based overseas
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Testing

Where possible we aim to use a stream lined version of the Extreme Programming methodology, We will aim for short design and test cycles which provide the opportunity.

We do not expect you as the end customer to get involved with the days to day running of the project as the defined by the Extreme Programming methods. The method is used by our UK and India based engineers as an internal tool for the , but it does give you the opportunity to get involved very early on in the project life cycle. 

We have worked with outsource solutions on a number of projects and have been impressed with their ability to hit tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of the end product  
Mrs. Jane Andrews (ecpartner.co.uk)
Do You Know?
Outsource may fail
Many outsource projects fail, for reasons which in hind sight are perfectly clear. We believe that at outsource solutions we have the infrastructure and process to ensure that this does not happen to you.
Past experience has taught us how to avoid many of the pit falls traditionally associated with out sourcing software development to cheaper offshore centers.
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